Gold and Black Roe Skull
Gold and Black Roe Skull
Gold and Black Roe Skull
Gold and Black Roe Skull
Gold and Black Roe Skull
Gold and Black Roe Skull
Gold and Black Roe Skull
Gold and Black Roe Skull

    Gold and Black Roe Skull

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    Boy racer in Tibet

    A small cap of a deer skull decorated in gold leaf , black acrylic painted horns and gold rhinestone detail. Secured onto luxury screen printed gold and black wallpaper and perfect for a small, one of a kind gift or treat for you and yours.

    Skull - Deer
    Location found - UK
    Frame height - 7 & 3/4”
    Frame width - 1 & 3/4 cm
    Frame length - 5 & 3/4”
    Maximum protrusion - Approx 4.5”
    Materials - bone, acrylic paint, gold rhinestones, black and gold floral wallpaper and wood
    Display - ready for hanging only

    ‡  SHIPPING ‡
    Shipping for all SKULL NOIR art pieces are sent out to you via Royal Mail, using their International tracked and signed service which includes insurance up to £500.

    Your tracking information will be provided to you upon receipt of your purchase to allow full transparency to the journey of your new decor.

    ‡ AFTER CARE ‡
    I suggest gently dry dusting your piece as frequently as you do any another ornament or picture frame you own and avoid outside exposure. Whilst all skulls are finished with high quality anti weather lacquer, the frames and back-lays are not.

    Take care of your new piece like you would anything else you love and it will be with you for a long time to come.

    Bones are delicate, and whilst the utmost care is taken to create and pack as robustly as possible, please keep in mind that this art is fragile and should be treated as such.

    Most boxes and shredding I use to ship your decor will be reused and the packing peanuts are 100% bio degradable.

    In order to ensure your skull arrives to you in perfect condition,  I do currently have to use some plastic bubble wrap of which the amount is absolutely necessary for safe shipping, so I do ask that you re use or recycle to the best of your ability. 

    All clear tape used is made from bio degradable hemp.

    I am always on the hunt for alternative plastic free shipping alternatives and will update accordingly once I have found something safe, suitable and sustainable.

    All skulls are the result of natural death.  They are either found by me or sourced from local farms, or kind strangers who's dog may have found something interesting on a walk in their local fields and forests.

    Due to the nature of how the skulls are often obtained, I am unable to always give full details on species, age estimation or location.

    Each piece is extremely unique and take time, care and effort to create. Because of this, any enquiries for a refund are not guaranteed but will be handled on a personable, case by case basis and must be opened and closed within 30 days of date of purchase.

    In the event you plan to send something back, shipping will be covered by you.

    I'd love to talk to you about something bespoke. Please feel free to email me with your vision and if I can bring it to fruition I'd be honored.

    Are you a tattoo studio, gallery or collector interested in more than one piece for your OOAK collection? Please email me to discuss your options.

    Each piece is one of a kind but it isn’t too hard for me to replicate certain styles, textures and colour pallets. If you’ve stumbled across this piece and it has already found a home, feel free to message me about future drops or recreating something similar but never the same.

    All words, images and designs belong to SKULL NOIR and are not to be used in any capacity other than to positively promote or endorse the brand with consent.
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