This part is very important and must be done before adding any products to your storefront!
To add shipping, follow these steps:
Click Shipping on the top navigation of your seller page
Go to the three dots and click "range detail"
Then select "add range" on the top right
Now you can add your shipping range.

A 'range' is the characteristic that you use to decide what the shipping cost should be. Our software allows for it to be set by weight, or by price. Because the nature of our items are typically going to be fairly small, but often expensive, we really recommend you use the 'price' range to decide.

For example: 

Items that cost between £1-£100 could be a standard £5 to ship.

Items that cost above £100 might have standard £10, because this will allow you to make sure they are insured.  

With higher value items it's always wise to insure them!  

On the other hand, if you have small, lower priced items, you may wish to say that items between £1-£10 are free or a small fee like £2.50.

It really depends on your product price point spectrum and which shipping carrier you choose!

Here is an example of a shipping range:

Once shipping range has been added, click "view shipping"
Then, click the three dots next to your new shipping range
On this page, you will then enter the pricing for shipping and click save.
Repeat as necessary, making sure all 8 country zones have been completed.
Failure to do so may mean your order is cancelled.

To do this, head to the Shipping page and click the three dots next to Standard Shipping, and select "view"

Then select "Add shipping zone" on the top right
Select a "zone" from the drop down and add in your shipping prices and save

 If you'd like to offer Express Shipping, repeat the process except selecting Express Shipping when creating a shipping range.

Please note:

As a third party, Charmskool Shop is not responsible for import taxes or duties, so please make sure you are aware of the rules in the territories that you are shipping to.

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