If you are struggling or don't have the time, remember we offer a product upload service which is speedy and efficient and costs £4 per product with discounts for more than 10 items!
To upload a new product, go to your seller portal page > click "Products" on the top navigation > then "Products Listing" from the drop down. Then select "+Add Product" on the right hand side of the screen.

Here's how to fill out each field. 

Product Name:

Please capitalise all letters (ie. Black Leather Harness) and use descriptive words if possible to enable customers to find your product more easily. 

Think what customers are looking for. No one is searching 'Jessica dress', they will be searching 'Black Latex Pencil Dress'. If it's called the 'Jessica Dress', add that in the bio. Plus, it's better for SEO.  



Product Type:

Select a master category from the drop-down menu.



Write the description of the product, including any sizing notes, fibre content, or care instructions if applicable.

Really sell the product here! ie.

'Handmade black latex 'Jessica' dress to bring out your inner vixen and show off your curves. Style it with your tallest heels and make heads turn. Comes in a variety of colours, please see below colour chart.'


Product tags:

Separate tags by hitting enter or a comma - try to use as many as possible to help people find your goodies! 

This should be anything that describes the 'feeling' of the item without the literal description of what it is. Use words like 'Kawaii', 'Vegan', 'Festival', 'Goth', 'Pastel' or anything else you think a customer might be searching for.



 Shipping details:

This field is optional - enter the weight of the product if you prefer to price shipping based on the products weight rather than value.

Tick the "express shipping" field if you'd like to offer express shipping for this product (as long as you have set up express shipping within the shipping ranges)


Pricing details:

This is the product price.


Variant Details:

Use "option name" for the category of variant, such as size, colour, material type, lining colour. Then, all variant options can be entered in the 2nd field separated by commas or by hitting enter. 

You can use the pre-sets or change them, such as cup size, hem length, sleeve length etc. 

Please be aware that it will only allow 100 variants - so if you have a lot of variants it may be better to utilise the custom options otherwise your product won't be saved and you'll need to start over!




Inventory Tracking:

It's up to you whether you use inventory tracking - this will be needed if you only have a certain amount of stock to sell. Select "track this product's inventory" to be able to add in a quantity.

Ticking 'allow customers to purchase this product after selling out' will mean people are still allowed to purchase when the stock is 0

If you don't want to track inventory, you can skip this section.



Choose Country of Origin:

From the dropdown select where your product is made. This is important when exporting internationally. 

Choose HSN Code:

This is optional - if you use HSN codes when exporting products internationally, this will help with customs.


Custom Fields:

This is where you select your processing time to manage customer expectations.


Custom Options:

Here you can add your own fields - such as any order notes you want the customer to include. For example: "Measurements", "Custom design request", "Gift message" etc.

We recommend only selecting "Input type" as "Text" so the customer can simply write in the text box.




Collections (found on the right hand side of the page):

You can select 10 categories relevant to your products here.


What is a collection?

A collection is essentially a sub-category that makes your product extra searchable on site

Featured collections are featured on the main page of the site - you can enter your products into the featured page as long as you respect the category theme. 

Adding relevant collections helps people find your product - if you don't then it will be harder to find you!

When you add your items to collection pages, they will appear in these dropdown options to help customers filter and find what they are looking for.





Upload images that show off your products - we like to see clear product shots without messy backgrounds, high-end photoshoots and even influencer images! For more on image guidelines, click here.

Images will process in the background, and once saving your work you can rearrange the order that they appear. The first image will be the main image people see when they are browsing the site.


After that, check your work. Then you can hit save, and you're done!


Not ready to have your product go live? No worries! 

When you've done all of the above, go back to your Product list and click the three dots next to the product you want to put into draft mode. Click "Disable" and this will remove it from the site. When you're ready to go live again, just follow the same steps and "Enable".