You can find your seller profile in your account under profile > my account

Your seller page can be personalised to your brand

Please add the following:

  •  Logo 
  • A banner image, for example from a shoot, something that summarizes your brand 
  • Your shop bio (let people get to know you!)
  •  Your seller policy (make sure this is filled in before you have live items for sale!) 

Hot tip for all image uploads - pay attention to the recommended dimensions, as your profile will look strange if you don't follow those!


Adding your seller & return policy


Custom made / made to order / intimate items are legally exempt from refund, but we know people will occasionally want to send things back so it's something we need to consider. 

- We want to create customer confidence and a positive customer experience by making them feel secure, so rather than a harsh NO REFUNDS policy, I would advise your seller policy is something like this, as it has a positive, helpful tone:  

'We are bespoke leather fashion brand created to empower you. All our items are made to order and therefore non-refundable. However, we do offer lifetime repairs and alterations, to ensure you get the most joy out of your pieces' 

- We know that a lot of items on site will be fragile, so in the case of faulty items, I will expect you to provide a repair or replacement. If the item doesn't fit, I would appreciate you working with the customer to find a solution. Let's try and keep good customer service at the front of our minds!