Puppy Play Bone Acrylic Paddle Spanker

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    Introducing our exquisitely crafted Bone Spanking Paddle, the perfect accessory for puppy play enthusiasts seeking a delightful blend of style, durability, and function.

    Expertly handcrafted in the UK, this spanking paddle boasts a sleek and modern design, with laser-cut acrylic construction that ensures both strength and a lightweight feel. The paddle showcases a glossy finish and charming bone-shaped cutouts on one side, which may leave playful impressions on your pup's skin. Meanwhile, the flat reverse side offers a more traditional slap-like sensation for versatile and exciting discipline sessions.

    Measuring 29cm long, 7cm wide, and 1.2cm thick, with a comfortable 12cm long handle, our spanking paddle is thoughtfully designed for optimal control and ease of use. All external edges have been meticulously hand-smoothed to ensure a pleasant feel, with no sharp edges to disrupt your play.

    When using the Bone Discipline Spanking Paddle, you'll notice that it delivers a distinctively "slappy" sensation. This is due to the flat side of the paddle, which is designed to make full contact with the skin when administering a spanking. As the paddle strikes the skin, it creates a satisfying, sharp, and resounding slap-like sound, accompanied by a stinging sensation on the recipient's skin.

    This slappy sensation is ideal for those who enjoy a more traditional spanking experience, offering a quick and crisp impact that heightens arousal and reinforces the power dynamic between the handler and the pup. The paddle's lightweight and durable acrylic construction allows for swift and controlled movements, making it easy for the handler to vary the intensity of the spanking according to their preferences and the pup's response.

    The Bone Discipline Spanking Paddle features a unique design element that sets it apart from traditional paddles: the charming bone-shaped cutouts on one side of the paddle. When used with adequate force, these cutouts have the potential to leave temporary bone-shaped impressions on the recipient's skin, adding a playful and visually appealing touch to your play sessions.

    The presence of these paw-shaped impressions serves to enhance the thematic aspect of your play, reinforcing the sub's role and further immersing both the handler and the sub in the experience. As the paddle impacts the skin, the cutouts create a tactile and visual reminder of the handler's authority, gently marking the sub with a delightful and whimsical pattern.

    Elevate your puppy play experience with our BDSM Puppy Play Bone Acrylic Paddle – a striking, easy-to-clean, and hygienic choice that guarantees an unforgettable and stimulating experience.

    29cm Long, 7cm Wide, and 1.2cm Thick. The handle is 12cm Long.