Kitten-style collars
Kitten-style collars
Kitten-style collars
Kitten-style collars
Kitten-style collars
Kitten-style collars

    Kitten-style collars

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    These kitten-style collars are cute as hell on boys, girls, and everyone in between! Combining clean, sturdy construction with a casual DIY street-fashion vibe, they’re perfect as street-wear, club-wear, or play-wear. 

    The strap is made from industrial polypropylene webbing, with a decorative cotton herringbone strip, and lined with a reinforced rip-stop fabric.


    The hardware is mostly steel (see below for details) with a nickel (i.e. silvery) finish.

    The collars come in three standard sizes - which are adjustable within a range of 3 inches - and feature an adorable swivel ring. Bear in mind the swivel ring will be fixed in place with a screw, so it may need to be tightened occasionally (using a flat-head screwdriver. Or if you have strong fingernails those can work in a pinch!).

    I’ve included a sizing chart in the images. 

    Custom sizing is also available at no extra charge. Simply select “CUSTOM” from the size options and enter your neck measurement in the space provided below. Remember to measure around your neck at the height you want your collar to sit, and as tightly as you want your collar to be.
    Hardware details:

    The rivets and eyelets are steel. 

    The swivel ring is steel, aside from its base which is some other metal (probably zinc or brass).

    My supplier doesn’t have detailed info on what the buckles are made from, but I’ve run some tests and I’m fairly sure they’re die-cast zinc. The prong of the buckle is steel (which is normal for zinc-cast buckles).

    The nickel finish (on all the hardware) is applied industrially by the manufacturer.

    • Processing Time: 1 week or less