Consent Rings
Consent Rings
Consent Rings
Consent Rings
Consent Rings

    Consent Rings

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    Made in 925 Silver. Available in any size, during check out please let me know which size you would like in the comment section.

    Consent. So important and yet still so misunderstood.

    This is a subject that has always been important to me, being a woman and unfortunately having had personal experience with sexual harassment (although sadly I think you would be hard pressed to find a woman nowadays who has not). This particular project all began with a conversation. A conversation I overheard, between two men, in my gym, who believed if an individual did not fight back, and there was not a violent altercation, then there was no rape. Throughout this conversation they were not using the pronoun “they” to refer to the survivor of a rape in a gender neutral way, but very much identifying the survivor as a woman (so i felt very much involved and could not stop myself from correcting them). Overhearing this shocked me; as these were two men I knew well, who treated women with respect, were intelligent and up to date on current affairs and culture. And yet they believed that the only reaction someone is allowed to have to the act of being raped, attacked, and stripped of their consent is Fight.

    We have all heard of fight or flight, but did you know there are 5 “official” responses to this sort of aggression: fight, flight, friend, freeze, or flop. Each and everyone of these reactions is valid. It is a legitimate way for our brain to protect us from what is happening.

    Fight: Fight back

    Flight: Run away

    Friend: Go along with it because you hope that they may decide to leave you alone or be less violent toward you throughout the aggression.

    Freeze: Stop moving, unable to move, in a rigid fashion.

    Flop: Stop moving, unable to move, but in a loose fashion.

    So I decided I wanted to design and make jewellery that helped us understand what consent is, and what happens when it is taken away. Help us understand that is no ones place to judge how an individual reacts to such an experience, and it is our duty as humans to be understanding, and make sure the people around us also understand, and the survivors are understood.

    I have created five signet rings, available in bronze or in silver, each with an ambigram of one of the reaction word on the top face of the ring. Up to you to choose which you would like on your ring.

    Five pounds of each sale goes to the Collectif Feminist Contre le Viol .

    Each item is made to order so please allow a maximum of six to eight weeks for us to mae your jewellery for you.