Selling on Charmskool

Charmskool Shop is a highly curated emporium of provocative and unique products, built especially for the discerning, decadent customer. Created by the founder of the long running alternative fashion shopping event Le Boutique Bazaar, we aim to bring our clients the finest selection of fashion and lifestyle products with an erotic or avant garde twist. If you’d like to join our exclusive mix of brands, read below to find out more.



  • Sell to our established audience of customers from around the world
  • Sit amongst the other finest brands of their kind, all under one roof, in a fabulous ‘one stop shop’
  • Control over your own shop within our site
  • An affordable uploading service for those that are short on time
  • Product photography and influencer collab services
  • Opportunities for editorial coverage across our website, social media channels and newsletters 
  • Support and business advice when you need it- we have 10 years industry experience and are happy to help you.


  • Charmskool is open to all brands, regardless of how established you are. We are a platform for discovery, and we are happy to work with smaller brands and those just starting out, as long as your manufacturing and image quality are high, we are interested!
  • We are looking for (but not limited to) latex, lingerie, festival fashion, quirky daywear, corsets, millinery, bold accessories, jewellery, homeware, art, gifts, publications, toys and lifestyle products with a fetish, erotic, dark, or avant garde twist. What we are not looking for is ‘normal’ products that appeal to a ‘vanilla’ audience.
  • Please note while toys are welcome, we prefer stylish, design led toys and will not accept toys that have the ability to cause serious harm (i.e. puncture the skin or electrocute) Any toy uploads will be subject to approval at our discretion. 
  • At this time we can’t accept products such as lubricants, salves, lotions and creams
  • To become a boutique on Charmskool you must be selling either your own designs, vintage, or a curated multi-brand collection that you have in your possession- dropshipping is not allowed, unless your items are housed in a dedicated warehouse that you have a fulfillment agreement with. 
  • You can start with as little as a single item, although listing more products gives you better visibility on site. 
  • Items do not have to be exclusive to us, though exclusive items are very welcome and may receive extra promotion!
  • Both ready to ship and made to order products are welcome, you set the processing time for your shop & products to suit your needs
  • Your product images must be up to standard before you open your boutique, please see out photo standards guide
  • As our site is international, we do require all sellers to ship globally, because over 50% of our sales are cross-border. If you need assistance with this, please get in touch. 
  • Increasing your prices beyond what is on your own website to cover the commission on site is strictly not allowed, the same for ‘off platform’ selling (i.e. encouraging customers to make the sale on your own for the purpose of fee avoidance) If everyone does this, the site will not function. Please respect that the commission exists so we can cover our running costs and provide you with a wonderful place to sell. We reserve the right to monitor communications between vendors and customers to prevent this from occurring. If a trader is suspected of either of these activities they may be removed from site. 
  • There is no contract or subscription, you are free to leave any time, you can also ask us to set your shop to ‘holiday mode’ if you want to take a break.
  • You must have a PayPal account because this is how we pay you. Please note if it is not a business account you may be charged additional fees in the event of a manual payment.
  • You must read and adhere to the UK rules on the following (even if you are not based in the UK, Charmskool shop is registered here)

Distance selling regulations 

Online selling regulations

Accepting returns and giving refunds 

(please note, custom made items are legally exempt from refund) 

In addition to our own Terms of Use


  • When you make a sale, you'll pay 25% commission, which will be automatically deducted from your transaction. We also cover the PayPal transaction fees, so you won’t be charged on top. 

Why 25%? Unlike an ‘open’ platform such as Etsy, Ebay or Depop, we only accept brands that meet our high standards. This means there are less sellers and products overall on site, so we have to charge slightly more to cover our running costs. The benefit to this is that your product sits only among other high quality items, and therefore are more easily located in customer’s searches, leading to a higher sales conversion than on a cluttered, open platform. Having a 25% commission also allows us to cover all transation fees and to run site-wide sales to excite and engage users, and we cover the cost of the discount- not you!

For comparison:  If you are looking to expand your sales off your own channels and find external stockists, you can expect to pay around 50% commission on ‘consignment’ to boutiques (also known as ‘Sale or Return’) and wholesale pricing is typically 40-60% less than retail. Most high end multi-brand marketplace sites have a commission of 20-30%.

If you'd like further information before applying, email and we'll be happy to help.