What is Charmskool, and how does it work?

Charmskool is a new, community-led marketplace aiding the dicovery of the creative talent within the kink scene, spanning from fashion, to art, decor, gifts, to toys and more.

As it is community-led, we are depending on each brand on site to play their part in spreading the word to help it grow. It takes time to get people to shop on a new site, so it's essential every seller makes it their mission to encourage customers in and to get them accustomed to making purchases on Charmskool too.

The more everyone works together to drive customers to the site, the more chance you have of being discovered by new buyers! Someone may come for your shop, but end up buying from you and another seller they've just discovered in the same transaction, and vice versa. Think of it like 'Someone came for a dress and ended up buying a whole outfit' 'Or someone came to buy a gift for their friend and ended up buying something for themselves too'.

Overall, the way to think of Charmskool is an additional income stream, and a way to grow and expand your business. Just putting up a few products and never giving it a second look is not going to deliver the results you want- So please give your Charmskool shop the love and attention it needs to grow and your business starts flourish across multiple outlets and stockists!


What we want from you...

- Send us social content, the more exclusive the better, videos, images, and BTS are all welcome!

- Exclusive drops, be it colourways or styles

- Exclusive pricing, consider a flash sale on a bestseller so it's slightly cheaper than on your normal site (if you want to do a big sale to really drive traffic across - we're open to temporarily reducing your commission, email us and we can discuss)

- Release new pieces on Charmskool first, then your other outlets

- Remind customers that there is a lot to discover to Charmskool (including art, gifts, and toys as well as fashion) and that it's worth checking out


What we require from you...


- A fully completed shopfront (bio, logo. seller policy etc)

- Regular product uploads (we know 'regular' is different for everyone, but think minimum one new product a month) *This also puts your items on the front page and gets more visibility

- When you drop a new product, mention it's available on both your website AND Charmskool

- Regular posting and tagging us

- Ask influencers you know to shout about your shop on Charmskool

- If you have a linktree or something similar, that we are added to it

 You can download assets for you to share on your socials here. We encourage everyone to do this and to shout about the store - the more promotion, the more sales you guys will get in return!

Please treat us as such and give us the same love and attention as you would to your own site!

Don't make Charmskool and afterthought - make it an exciting new player in your strategy!


Ready to get started? Head to the pages below to begin setting up your Charmskool shopfront (please make sure to follow the steps as outlined below):


1. Logging into your shop

2. Working on your shopfront

3. Adding your shipping policy

4. How to upload products

5. Image guidelines

6. Receiving payment

7. Refunds & Returns

8. Still need help? Let us assist!