We want your products to stand out, so be sure to read our image guide and adhere to our standards.
  • Clean, well-lit modelled shots in studio or location
  • Clean mannequin or hanger shots on a solid background
  • Clear flatlay images for accessories, non clothing products and and other small items
  • Studio, packshot, and ghost mannequin product photography
  • Several angles
  • Consistent backdrops to match your branding
  • Show the item on different body types
  • Frame your product so it takes up 75% of the product image


  • Graphic mock-ups (where it is a computer generated image of the item)
  • Photos that are not owned by you or you don’t have express permission to use
  • Image collages
  • Images with heavy filters or graphics
  • Images with borders or watermarks
  • Images with the model ‘cut out’ and stuck on a stark white background so they appear to be floating
  • Selfies / instagram type photos
  • Catwalk images
  • Black and white photos are discouraged
  • Full nudity, nipples and genitals (for Google Ads / Payment gateway reasons)

Please make sure the item imagery matches the gender category. If the item can be worn by men / masc people but is shot on a female form, please list it as unisex. Anything going into the men's category should either be shot in a neutral way (like a flat lay) or on a male form. The reason for this is that we know that men / masc people have an especially hard time finding stylish fetish clothing, and we want to have a curated space just for them.